Welcome to Greater Anglia's Customer Innovation Platform - The Spark

At Greater Anglia we believe Innovation is really important. We have established an internal ideas capturing platform for our colleagues, but now we have opened our doors to encourage open innovation, by creating an innovation platform to develop ideas collaboratively, with you our customers.

How can I get involved?

All you need to do is click here and ‘Join Co-Creation Community’ click ‘Register for a new account’ if you aren’t already a member. Once you’ve registered you can then immediately get involved. Most of the challenges are open, seeking to facilitate dialogue and collaboration. On open challenges, participants can usually see, comment, rate and community vote on submissions. The world is changing quickly — new technologies, new threats and new opportunities.

If there are no open challenges running, then you can still have a look around the ideas that have been submitted to previous challenges or get involved with the discussion boards along with comments and updates about how they have or have not been progressed.

If you have any questions about this platform please email [email protected].

Greater Anglia is committed to invest, through the course of its franchise, £250,000 a year on innovation and experimentation, to help continually improve the service.

Each year we will produce a report on the successes or failures of Innovation Steering Group approved schemes/experiments and the lessons learnt from those experiments. Click here to download 2019/20 report

To download previous innovation white paper please click the link below:

Click here to download 2017 report

Click here to download 2018/19 report