Innovation at Greater Anglia

We often talk about how our new trains will transform our railway in East Anglia. And it’s true, it is a major transformation replacing all of our existing old trains with brand new state-of-the-art trains complete with every mod con that modern-day customers expect. However, to achieve a real rail revolution, we need to do more than just get new trains. We need to look at everything we’re doing at every stage of our customers’ journeys and see what we can do to make it better, smoother, quicker and easier and so enjoyable they want to do it again - to make rail travel their transport of choice. What can we do to improve our customers’ experiences as they plan a trip, buy a ticket, get to and from the station, find the right platform, and make their train journey?

We are committed to continuous improvement and looking for innovative ideas – big or small – that will make a difference to our customers and our business. We very much welcome ideas from anyone in the company, whatever their grade, whether they’ve worked here for 30 years or three days. We use idea management and crowdsourcing as our preferred innovation tool, this enables us to prioritise the best ideas submitted by our workforce.

We look at how tech can make us more efficient at what we do, working with our supplies to search for new innovative technologies, products and services.

Greater Anglia was the first Train Operating Company to be awarded a silver certification in 2018 by IdeasUK. The audit provided insight to our innovation processes and where we can continually improve, over the last few years we have made changes identified within the report. We are pleased to announce that in 2021 GA was awarded Gold in recognition for the continual improvements we have made across the business.

Innovation in workplace gold accreditation

Greater Anglia Innovation Whitepaper

Between 2017 -2020 we published an annual whitepaper which provides information on the ideas/concepts submitted by our workforce and supported by our GA innovation fund. Here you can download and view the successful ideas.

Click here to download 2019/20 report

Click here to download 2017 report

Click here to download 2018/19 report

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