Lost Property

Lost something? Check if it's been handed in online.

We want to reunite you with your belongings as quickly as possible. Tell us where you lost your item and we’ll tell you what to do next.

If you've lost something really valuable like a passport or credit card, we recommend you contact the issuer to have these items stopped or cancelled.

How to report lost property

Fill in our form and we'll email you a reference number with a follow-up if we think we've found it and how to get it back.

We're not allowed to store perishable items like food and drink so these will be disposed of and bank cards that aren't collected within 24 hours will be destroyed.

Don’t worry if you can't find it right away – we’ll carry on looking for it for 3 months and keep you updated.

Report lost property

London Liverpool Street station

Items found at Liverpool Street or on a train arriving at Liverpool Street will be handled by the Excess Baggage Company.

The office is located near platform 10.

Report lost property

Picking up your items

If your lost item is with us and you're able to collect it within 24 hours of it being found, there’ll be no charge for its return. However, if you collect it after that there will be a charge - except for retrieving lost cash which we won't charge for.

Band Charge Item(s)
A £20 Laptops, video cameras and palm held PCs
B £10 Mobile phones, pagers, MP3 players and CD players
C £3 Skis, surfboards, musical instruments, jewellery, watches, cameras, cycles, luggage, suitcases, briefcases, clothing items and rucksacks
D £2 Umbrellas, spectacles, keys, prams/pushchairs, books, filofaxes, hats, gloves, scarves and all other items not listed

Additional storage fee

Charge Item(s)
£1 per 24hr period Laptop computers, video cameras, mobile phones, pagers, compact CD players, skis, surfboards, prams/pushchairs, cycles
50p per 24hr period Jewellery items, watches, cameras, clothing items, suitcases, rucksacks, briefcases, filofaxes, musical instruments, umbrellas, gloves/scarves/hats, spectacles, keys, books, all other items

Total charges for Band A & B items will cap at £25, C at £15 and D at £5.


Most items are recovered, and where possible we get them back to customers within 72 hours but sometimes it can take a little longer. We know that waiting to find out if your item has been found can be an anxious time. Our form ensures that you get regular updates.

Depending on the type of item, we usually keep lost property for 3 months before removing it. Perishable items and alcohol can't be stored so these are disposed off and we destroy bank cards if they're not collected within within 24 hours.

Check if it's accidentally been caught in your spam/junk folder.