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If you’re planning to travel during quieter times of day then one of our range of Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak tickets can offer great savings over our Anytime tickets. If you're travelling in a group of three to nine people, our GroupSave discount makes these tickets even cheaper! Plus, If you need to be flexible, you can book these fares last minute or in advance.

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Off-Peak tickets are available across the Greater Anglia network. They are issued in 'Off-Peak' and 'Off-Peak Day' versions. Off-Peak Singles and Day Singles, and Off-Peak Day Returns, are valid on the date shown. Off-Peak Returns are valid on the date shown on the outward journey and for one month for the return journey. To allow completion of late-evening journeys, the day of validity is extended to 04:30 the following morning.

For many journeys, both Off-Peak Day Returns and Off-Peak Returns are available. For very short journeys, only Off-Peak Day Returns can be bought, and for the longest journeys only Off-Peak Returns are available.

As Off-Peak tickets are cheaper than Anytime tickets, time restrictions apply. These are shown in the table below. Evening peak restrictions from London apply in certain cases, as set out below, but these are lifted during school holidays and half-term weeks for journeys from London to Ipswich and beyond. We take school holiday dates from the Norfolk County Council website. School holidays in other counties are generally the same but they may not correspond exactly to the dates that we use.

First Class Off-Peak tickets are also available for many journeys. They have the same time restrictions as the equivalent Standard Class ticket.

Super Off-Peak

Super Off-Peak tickets are our best-value tickets for on-the-day travel. They are available for many journeys in the area south of Manningtree and Cambridge. As they are great value, they have more time restrictions than Off-Peak tickets. Please see the table below.

Day Travelcards

A Day Travelcard from outside Greater London offers you a day return to London combined with unlimited use of the transport network in Greater London. This covers the London Underground, London Overground, almost all National Rail services, all scheduled London Buses, the London Tramlink system in south London and the DLR (Docklands Light Railway).

Day Travelcards come in Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak versions. Super Off-Peak Travelcards are available from stations south of Manningtree/Harwich and Cambridge inclusive.

Off-Peak Family Travelcards, for adults and children travelling together, are also available from stations south of Manningtree/Harwich and Cambridge.

The table below gives details of time restrictions.

When are Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets valid?

Greater Anglia Off-peak, Off-Peak Day and Super Off-Peak Day tickets (including First Class versions and Day/Family Travelcards) to and from London* are valid at the following times:

Times Arriving into London* Departing from London* Exceptions
Morning (Monday - Friday)

Off-Peak and Off-Peak Day:
Not to arrive Liverpool St before 10:00

Super Off-Peak Day:
Not to arrive Liverpool St before 12:00
(Stratford 11:52)

Not to leave Liverpool St before 09:30 (Stratford 09:38, Tottenham Hale 09:40)

Off-Peak Day:
Not before 09:30 from all stations in Greater London

Super Off-Peak Day:
Not before 12:00 from Liverpool St
(Stratford 12:07)

Off-Peak and Off-Peak Day:

From London: Valid on the following services:

09:28 to Cambridge (to Cheshunt and beyond).
09:02 to Ipswich (Stratford, 09:09) to stations on the Sudbury branch only.
09:18 to Clacton-on-Sea (Stratford, 09:25) to Wivenhoe and beyond, including to Walton-on-the-Naze.

To London: Valid on the following services:

08:11 from Clacton-on-Sea and intermediate stations to Wivenhoe.
08:00 from Walton-on-the-Naze, Frinton-on-Sea and Kirby Cross.
08:28 from Harwich Town and intermediate stations to Mistley.

Evening (Monday - Friday) No restrictions

Not to leave Liverpool St between 16:31-18:34 (Stratford 16:36-18:41, Tottenham Hale 16:41-18:40)

Off-Peak Day:
No restrictions (except on Day Travelcards to Ipswich and beyond which have Off-Peak restrictions as above).

Super Off-Peak Day:
Not to leave Liverpool St between 15:59-19:01 (Stratford 16:06-19:08)

During school holidays and half-term weeks**, including the Christmas and New Year period, evening restrictions on Off-Peak tickets from London to Ipswich and beyond are lifted.

**Norfolk school holiday dates are used.

Off-Peak tickets are also valid at all times on the following services from Liverpool St:

16:30, 16:32 and 18:30, to stations on the Felixstowe branch only.
16:34 (Stratford, 16:42) (Off-Peak period returns to stations on the Braintree branch only).
18:12 (Stratford, 18:20) (Off-Peak period returns to stations on the Sudbury branch only).
18:32 (Stratford, 18:40) (Off-Peak period returns to Hatfield Peverel, Kelvedon, Alresford and stations to Walton-on-the-Naze only).

Weekends and Bank Holidays No restrictions No restrictions None

*Please note that ‘London’ includes Liverpool Street, Stratford, Seven Sisters, Tottenham Hale and intermediate stations such as Hackney Downs. Unless specified, restrictions from stations other than Liverpool Street are determined by when the service arrives at or departs from Liverpool Street (or Stratford where trains start and finish there).

Tickets for journeys which do not involve London are generally restricted in the morning period only. Typically, Off-Peak Day Returns are valid after 08.45 (earlier from some branch line stations) and Off-Peak period returns are valid after 09.00. Super Off-Peak Day tickets for non-London journeys are valid after 12.00, again with no evening restrictions. Please enquire as to the restrictions applying to the journey you wish to make.

Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets for long-distance journeys via London have various restrictions depending on the journey being made. The time restrictions in the table may not apply. Please check our online booking engine or ask ticket office staff.

If you’re unsure about the time restrictions that apply to your journey, it’s always recommended to check our online booking website or ask the ticket office or the Greater Anglia Contact Centre on 0345 600 7245.

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