How do I get information during disruption?

Thursday, 4 May 2017
Your journey

We know that delays can happen. When disruption hits, we understand how important it is to get the correct information to our customers as quickly as possible. That’s why our colleagues work as quickly as possible to let you know what’s happening and how long delays are likely to last.

How does it work?

Let’s give you an example: your train has broken down.

The driver needs to speak to the signaller and explain what’s happened, while keeping passengers informed. The driver also needs to inform colleagues in the control room (based in Romford). Drivers will do their best to get information for you as soon as possible.

A number of people will then assess the situation and begin to implement a plan:

The Service Manager, who is responsible for running the train service, will decide how we can keep passengers moving, what will happen to the affected trains and how to get the service back to normal as soon as possible. They work with an Assistant Service Manager.

The Duty Traincrew Manager will be looking at what train crew (drivers, conductors, catering staff) are on board the services involved and work out if their statutory breaks/working hours will be affected.

The Fleet Support Technicians will talk the driver through if the fault can be fixed on-site, or arrange for a technician to meet the train if necessary.

Network Rail controllers, who are responsible for the infrastructure, will be made aware of the situation.

Greater Anglia’s senior managers who are on-call will also be informed. It’s always our intention to run a punctual, reliable service. As soon as the fault is reported, we will work as quickly as possible to get you moving.

What happens next?

Once a plan has been drawn up, it is communicated to the Information Team. They log all delays on an internal messaging system, which staff can see. This is then pushed out to the JourneyCheck page. They also update the information screens at stations, while fielding a large number of calls from staff across the network.

During major disruption, it is most efficient for the social media team to concentrate on putting out regular updates to our 84,500 twitter followers, as they are not always able to reply to individual messages.

Do you have any feedback?

We understand that disruption can be very frustrating; however we are all doing our best to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. We are always looking to improve customer information during disruption. We plan to introduce some new ideas in the next coming months but if you have any feedback please tweet us @greateranglia or @Stansted_Exp

Here’s how you can get information during disruption:

Station staff – colleagues at our staffed stations will be happy to help you

Twitter – follow our Twitter accounts @greateranglia or @Stansted_Exp

The Greater Anglia app – search for Greater Anglia in the app store and download for free

Online – visit or for live information