Cycle parking shake-up at Ipswich rail station will improve security

Published on: Monday, 30 September 2019
Last updated: Friday, 18 October 2019

Greater Anglia is stepping up cycle security at Ipswich rail station with changes to the current cycle parking system.

Cyclists using the station’s secure cycle compound are being asked to renew their subscription by 31 October to help free up space so that more people can access it.

The secure compound, which prevents bike theft as it is only accessible with a key fob, has 100 spaces which are currently all recorded as taken.

However, with a growing waiting list for key fobs, the train operator is bringing in changes the scheme to free up more space.

Previously key fobs were issued permanently but to help maintain the system in the future and ensure that all the spaces are being used, cyclists will now be asked to renew their key fobs annually.

Therefore, Greater Anglia is asking all cyclists who want to remain in the scheme to renew their key fobs at the ticket office before Thursday 31 October, this year.

Any not renewed by this date will be deactivated and then new ones will become available. They will be issued in return for a £25 annual fee.

People who are on the waiting list for a fob will be contacted by the ticket office, however anyone else who would like to use the secure compound should ask at the ticket office.

Greater Anglia’s Area Customer Service Manager, James Steward, said, “We want to make sure cyclists are able to leave their bikes at the station safely while they travel with us so reviewing the key fob system is a positive step that will free up space for even more cyclists to benefit from our secure cycle compound.”