Flexible commuting now even easier thanks to Greater Anglia

Published on: Friday, 27 May 2022
Last updated: Friday, 27 May 2022

Rail commuters in East Anglia can now buy flexi season tickets on ticket machines across the Greater Anglia network.

The flexi season ticket is a bundle of 8 day passes for a specific journey between two stations to be used in 28 days. The tickets can be used at any time within the 28-day period.

Customers can buy another flexi season ticket within the 28 days if they use up their eight passes.

And now customers can buy them quickly and easily by using Greater Anglia’s self-serve ticket machines, making it quicker and easier to commute at a time convenient to them.

Anyone who needs help using the ticket machine can press the ticket assistance help button on the machine to be connected to ticket office staff in Norwich who will guide the customer on the machine.

Flexi seasons can be bought on any Greater Anglia ticket machine outside of the London oyster area.

These tickets are also still available from the ticket office or to buy online from the Greater Anglia website.

Flexi season tickets must be loaded on to a Smart card, which is more durable than a paper ticket and quicker and easier to use at the ticket gates.

They are cheaper than buying anytime day return tickets on the day of travel and passengers can claim a refund on the dates not used, and they can cancel at any time.

Martin Moran, Greater Anglia’s Commercial, Customer Services and Train Presentation Director, said: “The pandemic has seen many people’s travel patterns change. We know our customers are spending part of their working week in the office and at home, and the flexi season helps them save money on their commute.

“Since its launch last summer, the flexi season ticket has been incredibly popular with our customers and we’re pleased they can now buy it from our ticket machines, which are quick and easy to use.”