Greater Anglia launches new initiatives to keep trains clean

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Greater Anglia is using new green technology to clean trains faster and better.

Cleano machines, which clean windows and hard surfaces including walls and ceilings, are now being used at Crown Point depot, in Norwich, where trains are deep-cleaned.

The Cleano machines have a cleaning pad at the end of an extendable aluminium pole, and use only purified water instead of chemicals. They do not leave water marks or smears on the surfaces.

It used to take two hours to clean one train carriage, however the Cleano has seen this reduced to just 45 minutes, meaning train cleaners can carry out even more cleaning.

Martin Wink, Greater Anglia’s Presentation Production Manager, said: “We are committed to improving train cleanliness and the Cleanos have worked wonders on our trains – colleagues find them easy to use, they save time and they are better for the environment.

“We are investing in the cleanliness of our trains and we are very pleased that passengers are seeing improvements.”

Every one of Greater Anglia’s 120 Intercity carriages are cleaned every day, however they are scheduled for a deep clean at the depot every 28 days.

The train company is constantly looking for new ways to improve station cleaning. It has also invested in two battery-operated carpet spot cleaners, to blitz fresh spillages such as coffee. These cleaners will be trialled at Norwich rail station over the coming months.

Earlier in the year, Greater Anglia announced it has invested £5,000 in back pack vacuum cleaners for presentation staff to use at Norwich, Southend Victoria, Colchester and London Liverpool Street.