Waiting facilities to be improved at Salhouse station

Published on: Monday, 5 July 2021
Last updated: Tuesday, 6 July 2021

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Train operator Greater Anglia has submitted plans to improve Salhouse railway station in Norfolk.

The plans would see the existing station building demolished and a new waiting shelter installed, with new seating and lighting. Another new waiting shelter would also be installed on the opposite platform.

The single storey building on the Norwich-bound platform has not been used for around 50 years and is in a poor state.

The plans would also see the canopy removed and the cast iron vertical support columns retained for future use or handed to a local historic railway group.

Simone Bailey, Greater Anglia’s Asset Management Director, said: "We’re hoping to invest £200,000 in Salhouse station by improving customer facilities.

"The building at Salhouse has not been used for several decades and does not hold any historic importance. We’re proposing to install two brand new shelters with seating and lighting, which will provide a much more pleasant atmosphere for customers.

"We would like to install Accoya Natural Shelters, which are sustainable and produced with minimal environmental impact, qualities which are very important to Greater Anglia.

"The Bittern Line is home to the Norfolk Broads and North Norfolk Coast, and rail is one of the most sustainable forms of transport to help people visit these special places."

Plans have been submitted to Broadland District Council and, if approved, work will start in the autumn.

Greater Anglia is investing £1.4bn in transforming the railway in East Anglia. The Bittern Line is entirely served by new, longer trains with free wi-fi, air conditioning and more seats. The train operator is also investing £5m in improving stations across the network.

As more people return to rail, some trains and stations getting busier. Greater Anglia is encouraging customers to use the full length of trains and platforms, but it may not always be possible to socially distance.

There is a less busy trains tool on the operator’s website, so people can opt for a quieter train. Face covering compliance is high on trains and at stations, and trains are well ventilated either by air conditioning which replaces air inside the train every six to nine minutes or by open windows.

Greater Anglia also has enhanced cleaning and sanitising regimes in place to help keep customers safe.