Work to install new key equipment at Greater Anglia Colchester depot nears completion

Published on: Friday, 18 November 2022
Last updated: Friday, 18 November 2022

Colchester depots new equipment

Credit: Greater Anglia

Work at Greater Anglia’s Colchester depot to install equipment for new trains is nearing completion.

Two huge 40,000-litre fuel tanks, a 14-tonne sanding tower and new toilet tanking equipment have been put in at the site near Colchester station.

The works at the depot will be used to allow the company’s three-carriage bi-mode trains, powered by diesel and electricity, which run on the Marks Tey – Sudbury branch line, to be prepared for service close to the line they serve.

The trains currently have to go as far as Ipswich to refuel or even Norwich’s Crown Point depot when refilling of the specialist sanding equipment on-board is needed – all of which take extra time and energy.

Sand is used by all of the Greater Anglia fleet to make the brakes even more effective by giving extra grip in slippery conditions.

Screen wash on the new trains will also be topped up at the depot, while the toilets – which retain their waste rather than flush it out onto the track on all of the company’s trains – will be both emptied and refilled with water there too.

Andrew Goodrum, Greater Anglia’s client and programme director, said: “The finished works will mean fewer empty miles are run by our trains overnight making it better for the environment, while keeping them close by to the line that they serve which all benefits our customers.”

New Colchester depot equipment

The new fuelling tanks. Credit: Greater Anglia