Underground Information

You can select an Underground station as your destination if you type in "London Underground Zone 1" or "London Underground Zone 1-2" etc. as your destination station. You need an Underground ticket for each zone you travel through on the Underground. For example, if you are going from Chelmsford to Hammersmith, via Liverpool Street, you would be travelling on the Underground in Zones 1 and 2 only, so you should select "London Underground Zone 1-2" as the destination. If you were going to Uxbridge, you would be travelling through Zones 1-6 on the Underground, and so you would need to select "London Underground Zone 1-6".

Where a One Day Travelcard is a cheaper option (often this is the case if you want a return ticket) then the system will offer this as well.

You can also purchase One Day Travelcards if you select London (Any) as your outward or return station.

A map showing London Zones can be found on the Transport for London website

Where you are making a through rail booking which involves crossing London, a cross-London journey by Underground or DLR is automatically included. Tickets with the Underground journey included have a '+' symbol in the "Route" field. For example, on a journey from Chelmsford to Orpington, a cross-London journey would be permitted from Stratford or Liverpool Street by Underground to London Bridge, Victoria, Cannon St, Charing Cross, Blackfriars, Farringdon and any other interchange station appropriate to the through journey, also by Underground and London Overground via Whitechapel or Canada Water, or by DLR from Stratford to Lewisham.


No. The times shown on Underground tickets are suggested times only.


The London Underground operates in central London from approximately 05:45 until 00:15 on weekdays and 07:00 until 23:30 on Sundays.

To confirm the times of first and last Underground trains, please visit the Transport for London website

If you are planning a journey that involves crossing London during the night, the system may still show an Underground journey although the Underground does not run at the time shown. You will have to cross London by another means, for example night bus or taxi. Please bear this in mind when planning a journey.

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