Immaculate beach huts, Giles Gilbert Scott telephone boxes, tennis clubs and gin and tonics, the seaside town of Frinton-on-Sea is a journey back into a Britain still soundtracked by Elgar. Hedonistic thrills are not strong points in this resort, arguably the most genteel corner of coastal Essex.

Sandcastle rating

Thanks to the firm, flat sand, it’s perfect for sandcastles and beach games.

Surf’s up

The gently shelving Blue Flag beach is also ideal for a swim. For windsurfing, kayaking and the like, keep going to Clacton.

Don’t miss

Located on the cliff top, the Frinton Park Estate is a fine example of 1930s Modernism, with many of the Art Deco villas designed by architect Oliver Hill.


Indulge in piscine pleasures and a refined vibe at Avenue Bistro.

Rest sun-kissed limbs

Right on the Esplanade, the cosy Rock Hotel comes complete with overstuffed Chesterfields, crackling fireplaces and a feeling that a travelling PG Wodehouse could pop in at any time for a snifter in the bar.

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Travel to Frinton

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