With its pretty flowerbeds, triple-Blue Flag beach and quaint High Street, the UK’s most easterly seaside town is oft-cited as Suffolk’s best-kept secret. So, for now, you and the locals have got the harbour, the beach and some wonderfully cosy pubs almost all to yourselves.

Sandcastle rating

The beach south of Claremont Pier may be a little soft and silky for sandcastle construction, but it sure feels good between the toes.

Surf’s up

Lowestoft Watersports offers surf lessons alongside paddleboarding, kitesurfing and kayaking.

Don’t miss

Get up early enough and you’ll be the first person in the UK to see the sun rise from the windy vantage of Ness Point.


The Red Herring has a great gin menu and high-end comfort food.

Rest sun-kissed limbs

The guest house Britten House was the birthplace of composer Benjamin Britten. Marvel at the restored stained glass windows and Victorian decor.

Great value train fares

Avoid the hassle of driving, parking and car park charges by taking the train. There are many Off-Peak fares which are really good value. What's more you can save as a group with Groupsave. A third off when you travel as a group or 3 or more.

Visit Lowestoft

Book your trip to Suffolk's most easterly point today and you could be enjoying your picturesque walks along the Suffolk/Norfolk border in no time.