Norwich in 90 and Ipswich in 60

Norwich to London now in just 90 minutes. Ipswich to London now in just 60 minutes.

Rail passengers can now travel from Norwich to London and from London to Norwich in 90 minutes.

There are now four extra services between Norwich, Ipswich and London Liverpool Street to speed up travel between East Anglia and the capital.

Fastest journey times between Norwich and London have been cut to just 90 minutes and it now takes just 55-57 minutes to travel between Ipswich and London on these extra two services a day.

The 90-minute service departs Norwich at 08.00 (calling at Ipswich at 08.32-08.33) arriving at London Liverpool Street at 09:30. Departs London Liverpool Street at 17:00 (calling at Ipswich at 17.55) arriving at Norwich at 18.30. Both services operate Monday to Friday.

This now shaves 12 minutes off the current fastest journey between Norwich and London and cut the fastest journey between Ipswich and London by 4 minutes.

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