Trains still for essential travel only – Covid 19 travel advice

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Travelling with Greater Anglia Covid-19 travel advice

Current Government advice is to avoid public transport. We would like to assure all customers that we are doing everything possible to keep you safe if your journey is essential. There are also things we need you to do to help us help you travel safely.

Plan ahead, consider others and stay safe.

What we are doing to keep you safe

  • Continuing to step up cleaning of our trains and stations, paying particular attention to high touch areas such as push buttons, door handles and grab rails.
  • Keeping soap, water and toilet paper topped up in our toilets on stations and trains.
  • Keeping toilets open wherever possible.
  • Making trains as long as possible, so that passengers can spread out throughout them.
  • Constantly monitoring passenger numbers so that we can make trains longer or increase the frequency if necessary.
  • Making it clear how you can keep your distance at stations with signs, posters, floor markings and tape.
  • Putting in queue systems and one-way systems where necessary to control the number of people on platforms or in stations at a time.
  • Discouraging the use of cash when buying tickets.
  • Deploying staff at some busier stations to help you follow all appropriate social distancing guidelines.
  • Following all Government and Public Health England advice on keeping our customers safe.
  • Closing some facilities such as waiting rooms and some seating so that you can maintain appropriate social distancing.

What you can do to help us help you travel safely


  • Do not travel if you have any Covid-19 symptoms. Please check the NHS website for information.​
  • Wear a face covering. Update: this will be compulsory from 15 June 2020.
  • Follow all Government and NHS hygiene guidance: wash your hands, cough or sneeze into your elbow or tissue – and throw tissues in the bin. There is liquid soap available at our stations and on-train toilets but there is no hand sanitiser so please bring this with you when you travel. .
    Social distancing - Keep 2 metres apart where possible on our trains and stations
  • Don’t leave your rubbish on the train or at the station, unless it’s in the bin so that our cleaners can spend more time cleaning than litter-picking.
  • Follow instructions about how you can keep your distance – listen to announcements, read posters and follow floor markings.
  • Comply with our queuing and one-way systems – they’re there to protect you and keep you safe.
  • Listen to our staff. They’re trying to keep us all safe.
  • Buy your ticket online or on our App on your phone and before you get to the station preferably, so that you minimise your time at the station.
  • Although you have to buy your ticket in advance, you are not required to make a reservation as reservations are not currently available due to the replacement of fleet with new trains rolling out throughout the year.
  • If you need to buy your ticket at the station, please use contactless payment.
  • Consider travelling at a less busy time. If you’re an employer, consider changing working hours to avoid peak times?
  • For the interest of your safety, when stations or trains are at full social distancing capacity, station teams may at times prevent customers from entering a station, platform or from boarding a specific service if social distancing is being severely compromised. If this occurs during service disruption, our control teams will decide on a train by train basis whether to remove scheduled stops to reduce the impact on social distancing as best as possible. Please ensure you plan your journey well ahead and keep back-up forms of travel in mind in the case you cannot take a later train.
  • Stand back and let people off the train before you board the train.
  • Use all available doors and move down the train. Please get on and off the train as quickly as you can.
  • Don’t congregate at the front of the train on the approach to London Liverpool Street. or Norwich.
  • If you’re wearing a face mask or gloves, please don’t discard them on the train or at our stations.
  • Only one person in a lift at a time, please.
  • Our food and drink retailers may not be open, so remember to bring a bottle of water and any food you may need for your journey.


We’re currently running a reduced service, similar to a Saturday service. For more details click here.

Ticket Refunds

If you want to apply for a refund for during the lockdown period you can find information about how to do it here.

Temporary changes to ticket offices

See latest update on ticket office closures and changes to opening hours here.

Assisted Travel

The call centre opening times have changed. You can contact the assisted travel line on Monday to Friday between 8am-6pm on 0800 028 2878 (free of charge) or via Textphone and Minicom: 18001 0800 028 2878.

If you need to request assistance after 6 pm for travel the next day or during the weekend for travel Sunday or Monday, please call 0800 0223720 and a request for assistance will be forward to the station in question.

Alternatively, you can submit a request online here.

Please book assistance a minimum of 12 hours before you travel. If your journey goes beyond our network and includes travel on other train operators' services, please book 24 hours before travelling so we can meet their notice period requirements

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