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Connect with hit TV shows and more on your next train journey Next time you travel with us, take your seat for some top-notch entertainment.

Connect is our new on-board infotainment service, bringing you a feast of fab content throughout your journey. There are hit dramas, sitcoms and box sets from Now TV and your favourite reality shows from hayu. Not to mention news, weather, movie previews, magazines and more.

Even better, it's absolutely free to use on your tablet or phone. You can access the service via the Greater Anglia app or your web browser. If you need to pause what you're watching, don't worry. Connect will remember, so next time you log in you can resume from where you left off.

Connect is available on all our Intercity trains and is being rolled out to many other services.

By accessing the WI-FI and Connect infotainment portal you accept these terms and conditions:

and expressly agree that they will govern its use. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not access the service.

Connect and On-board WiFi FAQs

How do I access Connect and on-board WiFi?

Once you’re on-board the train, you’ll be able to connect to WiFi and access a great range of free entertainment, including TV programmes, magazines, short films, news and more. Please note: On train WiFi is subject to availability and the Connect infotainment service is available on selected trains.

Can I watch on my laptop, tablet or phone? If so, what browsers are supported?

Yes. The currently supported browsers are the latest versions of:

  • Google Chrome - Android, Windows, Mac OS
  • Firefox - Windows, Mac OS
  • Opera - Windows, Mac OS
  • Silk - Amazon Fire OS only

For iOS (iPhone and iPad) you will need to use the Greater Anglia app (for Greater Anglia services only) to stream films and TV shows. If you do not have this installed, Connect will prompt you to download this on-board, for free.

How do I access on-board entertainment or WiFi through the Greater Anglia app?

  1. Download the Greater Anglia app from the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App store (iOS).
  2. Once you’ve boarded the train, open the Greater Anglia app on your device.
  3. Choose ‘CONNECT WI-FI/MEDIA’ from the main menu and then log-on to the on-board WiFi.
  4. You can then continue to the Connect content area and access all of the free onboard entertainment.

How do I access on-board entertainment or WiFi without the Greater Anglia app installed?

  1. Once you’ve boarded the train, connect your device to the ‘greateranglia-wifi’ network.
  2. You should receive a sign-in message and be redirected to the log on page. If not, type in gaconnect.tv into your web browser and the log-on page should appear.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and click on the log on button.
  4. You’ll then be connected to the WiFi. From here, you can either browse the free on-board content through your browser, or open a new browser window to surf the internet as normal. To return to Connect, simply click gaconnect.tv in your web browser or add it to your favourites.

If you can’t connect to the Wi-Fi

If your device doesn’t connect automatically please contact the Wi-Fi support team or view the FAQ. Our Wi-Fi support team is dedicated to supporting you during your journey. The team is here to help with any issues or questions you may have when using our Wi-Fi service.

Customers travelling on Greater Anglia services can contact the team on 020 8028 0372 or by email [email protected]

Customers travelling on Stansted Express can contact the team on 020 8028 0374 or by email [email protected]

Our hours of support are 0600 - 2300 Monday to Sunday. In order to help solve the issue as quickly as possible, please be ready with the following details:

  • The route you are travelling on and carriage number;
  • The make and model of the device you are using;
  • A short description of the problem (e.g. not able to connect to the WiFi network from the landing page).

When will Connect & WiFi be available on my service?

Connect is ready to use on all Norwich to London Intercity trains and Stansted Express services, we're starting to roll it out to the wider network with the plan to have most trains Connect ready by the end of December 2018. Most of our refurbished commuter trains operating between Ipswich/Southend/Colchester/Braintree and London have also been fitted with the service.

How does WiFi work on board?

By combining 3G and 4G mobile data signals along the route, we’ll keep you connected where we can as we travel along our route. The quality of the internet connection will vary depending on where you are along our route and how many people are using the free WiFi at any one time. All passengers are given a data allowance of 90mb download and 1.2mb/s data speed to surf the Internet (which should be sufficient for emails and short browsing). Access to the Connect media content is free and unlimited.

What speeds will I get from the service?

Due to the nature of the mobile connections the speed will fluctuate depending on your geographic location and the number of users on the service.

What happens if I lose connection during my session? Will I be able to resume?

If you lose your connection, we’re probably just passing through an area with a weak signal. The good news is, watching content through Connect isn’t affected by the signal, so you can enjoy our range of TV programmes, magazines and more for your entire journey. To resume your session at any time just go back to the portal gaconnect.tv

Are you restricting data usage or access to some websites? Can I access Netflix or BBC iPlayer on-board?

To make sure everyone can enjoy a seamless connection, we limit connection speed and access to some video and music streaming sites, as well as those with content that’s not suitable for an open public network. Even with these necessary restrictions, we’re confident you’ll still find plenty to keep you entertained on Connect, which has no usage restrictions.

I can’t seem to watch videos on some popular news sites, why is that?

To make sure all passengers are able to enjoy a seamless connection, we limit access to some news sites that have a lot of video content (such as bbc.co.uk). You can still find video news updates from Sky and Bloomberg, and the latest magazines on Connect, which has no usage restrictions.

Why isn’t my connection working, despite the on-board WiFi signal being strong?

Our free WiFi uses several 3G and 4G signals en route, so the quality of the internet connection will vary depending on where you are along our route and how many people are using the free WiFi at any one time. If you lose your connection, we’re probably just passing through an area with weak signal. If this happens, there’s no need to reconnect once the signal improves - you’ll be connected again automatically. The good news is, watching content through Connect isn’t affected by the signal, so you can enjoy our range of TV programmes, magazines and more for your entire journey.

Will I have to pay?

Our on-board WiFi and Connect content is completely free to all First Class and Standard ticket holders.

What content is available on Connect?

With over 600 hours of content throughout the year, you'll always find something to tune into on Connect.

  • NOW TV: Enjoy free access to a brilliant choice of TV dramas, comedy and documentaries from some of the top pay TV channels. Trending shows include Fortitude, The Face and coming soon Delicious and The Young Pope.
  • hayu: Watch your favourite reality TV shows, including Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Real Housewives of Atlanta plus more reality TV refreshed monthly.
  • Plus...
    • News – the latest headlines and sports stories.
    • Weather forecasts from the Met Office.
    • Entertainment shows for the latest on showbiz and music.
    • Movie trailers – check out the latest Hollywood blockbusters.
    • Magazines – everything from fashion, style and beauty features from Stylist and Cosmopolitan to Top Gear!

How often will the content change?

We’re keeping track of what our passengers most enjoy watching and plan to update the content regularly.

The WiFi isn’t working. Will you refund my ticket?

We’re keeping our passengers connected by offering on-board WiFi wherever we can along our routes. Due to the nature of the 3G and 4G mobile connections, speeds and connectivity will vary depending on where we are and how many people are online. As we’ve made our WiFi and Connect content free for all passengers, it’s not a service that’s included in our refund policy.

How secure is the network?

Although the network is an open network, we’ve implemented lots of safeguards, so it shouldn’t be possible for other users to get unauthorised access to your device. However we recommend that to keep your data safe, always make sure you’re connected to the right network and keep your firewall and anti-virus software up to date. This will help you to keep your data safe.