Quiet Zone

Our mainline Intercity line from Norwich to London (and London to Norwich) offer a Quiet Zone to give customers who wish to travel without excess noise, the opportunity to sit in a quieter carriage.

Where is it?

The Quiet Zone is normally in Coach M (Norwich - London intercity trains only).

The rules

  • No phone calls
  • Use all electrical equipment in silent mode
  • Headphones should be at low volume so the noise can't be heard by others
  • Conversations with fellow passengers should be quiet and with consideration for others.
  • Please be aware of the noise you are contributing and respect the space.

Anyone not observing the rules may be asked to stop or move to a different carriage.


Please note, as a public space, this is a quiet zone rather than a silent zone. Whilst we will make effort to monitor and address issues of persistent noise, quiet conversation or ambient noise can't be completely eliminated.

Additionally, on-train announcements are still required to play. Therefore, if you're particularly sensitive to noise, we recommend travelling with noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs.