Club 50


50 or over? Join Club 50 today for big train travel discounts!

  • Receive 20% savings on Off-Peak & Advance fares online
  • Get 10% savings on Off-Peak & Advance fares at the station
  • All for £20 Per year

Plus, get 2FOR1 entry to over 150 of London’s top attractions and fantastic regional offers too! We’ll even send you extra promotional offers throughout the year...

How to apply

Not a member of Club 50 yet? It’s quick and easy to join and membership costs just £20 for 12 months. All you need to do is follow the easy to follow steps, depending on whether you're a new or existing account holder:

Follow these steps if you don’t already have a Greater Anglia account:

  1. If you don’t already have a Greater Anglia account, you’ll need to set one up. Register for a Greater Anglia account now.
  2. If you are 50 or over, the option to buy your Club 50 card will appear in your account profile. You can then go on to purchase your Club 50 card.

Already a Greater Anglia account holder? Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Greater Anglia account. Login now.
  2. Click on the ‘Order Club 50 card’ button.
  3. Purchase your card.

You must be aged 50 or older to apply for a card and must always present a valid form of photo ID like a passport or driving licence when presenting your tickets to station and on-train staff.

When can I use it?

Discounts are available on all Off-Peak and Advance fares in Standard or First Class on Greater Anglia and Stansted Express services after 10.00 on weekdays and all day at weekends and on Bank Holidays.

You get the biggest discount when you buy online. Once you’ve purchased your Club 50 Card (using the form above), click on ‘Buy Tickets’ on the website header and enter your journey details. In the bottom right of the drop down click the plus button beside ‘Add Railcards/GroupSave’ and select ‘Club 50 Web - Greater Anglia’ from the list.

Buying Off-Peak and Advance tickets at the station? You’ll save 10% on the fare – just make sure you ask for the Club 50 discount.

You must always have your Railcard and a form of photo ID with you when purchasing and travelling with a Club 50 discounted ticket.

Club 50 tickets for Stansted Express services can only be purchased at or stations, and cannot be purchased at

Terms and Conditions

Conditions of issue and use of the Greater Anglia Club 50 Railcard (‘Railcard’) and reduced priced tickets (‘discounted tickets’) bought with a Greater Anglia Club 50 Railcard.

  1. The Club 50 Railcard is valid within the Greater Anglia network.
  2. The Club 50 Railcard and tickets bought with it are not transferable and must not be given, loaned or resold to anyone else. Only the named cardholder can use the Club 50 Railcard.
  3. You must be aged 50 years old or over to purchase a Club 50 Railcard.
  4. Tickets for your journey should be purchased before boarding the train and when buying tickets at a ticket office you must show the Club 50 Railcard. This does not apply if there was no ticket office at the station at which you began your journey or if the ticket office was closed and there was no ticket machine from which you could buy a discounted ticket.
  5. You must carry the Club 50 Railcard with you on your journey and when asked by rail staff, you must present a valid ticket (subject to condition 4), valid Railcard and a photo ID which show your name and date of birth (e.g. UK driving licence or a copy of passport photo page). If you fail to do so, you will be required to pay the full price equivalent Single fare for your journey as if no ticket was purchased before starting your journey and in some cases a Penalty Fare.
  6. You will be asked to pay the difference between the price of your discounted ticket and the full price equivalent fare (or be liable to pay a Penalty Fare if travelling in the Penalty Fares area) if:
    1. you travel beyond the station for which your ticket is issued;
    2. you travel to a destination beyond the area shown on the Greater Anglia Club 50 Railcard area map, without having first obtained the correct ticket for your journey;
    3. you travel on a route for which a higher fare applies or at a time when reduced fares do not apply. Club 50 Railcard discounts only apply for travel after 10.00hrs Monday to Friday and any time at weekends and Public Holidays.
  7. The Club 50 Railcard offers a minimum of 10% discount on qualifying journeys. Discounts are only available on Off-Peak and Advance ticket types on services operated by Greater Anglia, and not all ticket types are available on all routes. Where Off-peak fares are not available for a journey, an Anytime Day ticket can be purchased with Club 50 Railcard discount outside of the Club 50 Railcard time restriction above.
  8. Discounted tickets entitle you to travel on Greater Anglia services between stations listed on the Greater Anglia Club 50 Railcard area map but cannot be used on other operators’ services.
  9. The Club 50 Railcard and all tickets issued to the holder are issued subject to the National Rail Conditions of Travel and the conditions listed on this website. Copies of the National Rail Conditions of Travel are available online at
  10. The Club 50 Railcard will not be valid if it is damaged. Greater Anglia do not undertake to issue refunds on unused/ unwanted Club 50 Railcards, or to extend their validity. In the event of loss or damage an application for the replacement of a Club 50 Railcard may be made by contacting Greater Anglia Club 50 team on 0345 600 7245 (and select option 3) between Monday to Friday during office hours. Only one replacement of a lost or damaged Club 50 Railcard may be issued in a 12-month period and a £10 administration fee is payable. No fee will be charged for the replacement of a stolen Club 50 Railcard provided you have a crime reference number/ documentation issued by the Police.
  11. The Club 50 Railcard remains the property of Greater Anglia and, if requested, must be handed in to a representative of Greater Anglia.
  12. The right is reserved to revise these conditions and availability of the tickets detailed on the Greater Anglia website. Greater Anglia will endeavour to give three months’ notice of any changes before they are due to come into effect. Fraudulent use of Club 50 Railcards and Club 50 Railcard discounted tickets may lead to a criminal prosecution. Terms and conditions are valid from 2 Sept 2017. “Greater Anglia” is the trading name of Abellio East Anglia Ltd.